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Best private investigators in Spain . Arga Group

Best private investigators in Spain . Arga Group

When hiring a private detective Spain, we may have many doubts about who would be the right person to perform such a delicate service, who would understand us , who would be more professional or who would clear the budget without surprises.        

For this reason, we believe that there are a number of characteristics that a professional detective must know so that we can trust him, and here are some of them:

  • They have a Professional Identification Card and a Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior. Only suitable employees know the limits so as not to violate their right to honour, privacy, image or the secrecy of communications and, therefore, with all the guarantees before the law.
  • Seriousness and professionalism. Both during the service and during the formalization of the contract and presentation of the report.
  • Sincerity and clarity in the management of budgets and services.
  • Decide with the information obtained, with the client and throughout the investigation.
  • Persistence, persistence and quality of service. These are the characteristics of a good professional private detective.

What do professional detectives in spain do?

If we follow what a private detective agency in Spain like Grupo Arga is doing today, with customer service centers in the main provinces of the State, we will see that fraud and the business world is the main driver of demand.

Many people still come to us to resolve certain family or marital disputes, such as investigating evidence of infidelity or declaring spouses insolvent in divorce and parenting rights proceedings, but most of the work was focused on eliminating deception. Locate defaulters and uncover large -scale corporate fraud .

The investigation of false work accidents to deceive the parties and insurers is the order of the day. In fact, at Grupo Arga we work for some of the most important insurers in Spain and we are witnesses every day of situations that ask for help and that, if ignored, can lead to loss of life.

Another subject analyzed and pursued is that of the unjustified dismissals of workers in companies , which, more often than is thought, are found to be fraudulent. The downside of the realities of continued isolation among the unskilled working class in Spain is the opening of suspicion to all who are part of the workforce.

This damages trust in the company and hurts your business. Getting rid of it quickly is the best way to combat it.

What is currently being done by a professional detective in Spain, Grupo Arga

T he role of the detective in today’s world is not limited to these questions. There is also a lot of work between books, reports and official documents to find proof of property and family relationships such as cases of inheritance, missing relatives, unproven paternity , etc.

To do this, what a private investigator like those on our team strives to do is fieldwork and documentary work: their goal is to collect information to give the client unequivocal evidence of the behavior or practice of another person.

The usual areas are: economy and finances, work, commerce, personal and family life except, be careful here, if it is the address or the reserved area and location. Private detectives are also responsible for investigating the so- called indictable crimes (semi-public and private or private) whenever requested by the legitimate party in a criminal trial .

In the case of our private detective agency in Spain , many of our regular clients are renowned law firms .

Perfectionists know that in order to put together a successful trial and achieve the objectives set by the Justice, it is essential to have legal evidence, irrefutable evidence and solid testimonies that will not be denied, which is not always achieved in a joint investigation carried out by security forces. of the state. first person.

a professional private detective in Spain can intervene as an investigator

• Abuse, sexual harassment or assault of any kind. As well as threats and insults and even coercion.

• Disclosure of confidential information by various sources.

• Situations in which the obligations of guardianship, guardianship or foster care are not fulfilled.

• Assisted reproductive practices performed on a woman without her prior consent.

• Failure to pay fees and allowances for children or spouses declared by the judge.

General negligent damages in excess of € 80,000 can also be investigated .

• All infringements related to intellectual property, industrial property, the market and the consumer sector are also included.

• Corporate crime is also one of the tasks that can be analyzed and investigated in depth by detectives .

• Deaths due to slight negligence, typical of the law.

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